Exporting G-Code for printing from disc on Pulse

  • I'm not sure why, but this version seems to export the g-code messed up where as I can't print from the disc on my Pulse. It does not start the print the way the software prints it. Instead, it starts from the front right traveling left whilst pushing the nozzle down into the bed. Then it moves to print the object with the nozzle extrusion barely touching the bed (I did run the nozzle calibration and the bed leveling procedures). Also, I noticed that the purge portion of the g-code exports out with x and z set at infinity. Does anyone else have this problem? Any solutions? Thanks in advance.

  • Under Controls - calibration I think is a value for the "thickness of the paper" you use to do the nozzle calibration. (cant check as I am printing) But that has caused all kinds of problems. Set it to 0 or a very small number. And see if that helps - also make sure that when you export "include bed leveling" is checked.

  • MatterHackers

    We have noted that there were some issues with exporting G-Code in Mc 2.0 however we have not come across this in a little while. We should have an update to MC 2.0 coming out soon, so it may be prudent to wait for the update and see if the issue persists.

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