Brand new pulse XE Screen not working

  • So I bought a Pulse XE a couple of weeks ago, and finally got my workshop in order; I turn on the printer to set it up, and the bed leveling probe glows red (and actuates a few times) but the screen doesn't come on and nothing else happens. I push whatever the red button is, and a faint glow comes from the screen, but upon release, even that disappears. I know MH tests all these printers before they get shipped out, but I followed the setup guide to the letter and I can't figure out what's wrong. I do believe matter control can connect to the printer, but The screen not coming on makes me think something is wrong here. anyone have an idea?

  • I had that and if you have the same screen I do then there are 2 connectors and if one is reversed or not plugged in right you will get exactly what you describe. also check the connectors in the electronics box. If you are not sure you might want to get them on the phone for that. But those display connectors are not of the locking kind and a tumble in the box in transit can dislodge them

    But then you could have a bad part too. Electronics usually fails in the first 72-96 hours of running If it survives it usually lasts until somewhere to its designed MTF which is usually measured in years (unless something happens like a short or arcing etc.)

    One thing you could check to see if its a display problem or something else is to connect to it with a computer with MC. The pulse will work without a display tethered to a computer. Then at least you would know where to look for the problem

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