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    Wanted to share some of the new work we are doing for the next release of MatterControl. Lots of improvements all around but especially to setup.

    Here is a cheeky post I did on twitter.

    ~~ ~~

    Looks like in addition to an awesome new bend tool #MatterControl is about to get an easy to use Twist function.

    "Yes Phil."
    "Did you say something?"
    "I did... Twist is coming soon."

    alt text

  • That's pretty rad!

  • Nice - but I'd like to get the slicer working right first so I don't have to use 2 slicers to get good results one to slice it (SLIC3R currently) and one to add the bed leveling to it (MC). For us all the other features might become interesting if they are on a level to rival Inventor as we are almost exclusively do mechanical parts. Now if it had an Involute double helical bevel gear generator or a hypo cycloid gear generator I'd be a happy man as those are tough to do even in inventor or other cad programs

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    We are always working to improve all aspects of MatterControl including the slicer. Please file any specific issues in GitHub as having reproduce-able cases helps us a lot in finding and fixing bugs.

    A gear generator is definitely on my side project list. 🙂

  • I have done that and started doing that again. I just stopped posting feature requests as I felt they fell under the table. Besides I was told repeatedly to take the issues up with Tech support so they have my comments/suggestions.

    My main issues to repeat them here with MC slicer are.
    Foremost you can't slice Volumetric. Marlin which the pulse runs on works much better in volumetric mode granted it won't make much difference if you print Phil A Ments but it does on gears here is a link to a video I made on that

    Then you cannot specify layer width and that helps in combination with the extrusion multiplier with accuracy and layer adhesion. You see what we print here and on my channel all mechanical parts and gears gears and did I say gears.

    Then the time estimates are off. Now its not that important when the part finishes but it gets the layer times wrong sometimes as much as +/- 60% and that impacts cooling when you print small parts.

    And then I have yet to be able to slice a plate full of gears. I can slice a small number like 3 or 4 (IDK how many as I have stopped using MC for that for above reasons and this one) Right now for example I am printing 4 gears with 267459 facets each sliced in SLIC3R the gcode file is 56MB If I slice that in MC I can come back an hour later and its either dead or still working on it no way to tell. SLIC3R is not perfect it sometimes dies too (about 2x a week) but I can live with that.

    Look I have no problem helping out and I have but my first priority are the Kids of FRC Team 1989 for whom all that printing takes place. We fell way short last season due to issues with the printer both software and hardware wise and you guys were helpful. Even though there are/were plenty of annoyances. But I am still helping out here, and with messages to tech support. My history on Github was not that pleasant I causes a lot of complaints in posting it in the wrong format, posting something in the Pulse group that should have been posted in the MC group and vice versa and posting there some stuff that should have been posted to tech support. Well I am just a customer and did not get the memo of proper procedure so now mostly I make it work somehow for myself, once the warranty is up I will make certain changes especially to the wireing and electrical to prevent future mishaps as we (the school and team 1989) have decided to not do anything to void your warranty even though that is a moving target too

    But as I said so far we were able to work it all out and I am still here running about 5kg of filament through the printer for the school and the team and now using what I have learned to help people here and on other FRC related boards. And maybe this year we get the whole robot figured out and done in case you don't know we are printing among other things a full FRC style robot (125 lb weight limit, 32x28x60 inch or thereabouts containing about 25 to 30kg of filament) Of course its a system of reusable interconnecting parts. I will add some from time to time to the Something positive thread here

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