Batting a big fat miss, any printalikes for these?

  • So up to my fourth printer and I finally decide to give Mattercontrol a spin, only to find none of my printers are supported, nor any of the next 3 on my wishlist, lol.

    The ones I have: Ultimaker 3, Monoprice Voxel (aka Flashforge 3), Tevo Tornado, Anycubic Predator and Alfawise U20

    If it was just any one of them, I'd do the work of setting up a profile. If I can use MC on one of them, then that'd be my ticket to take the time getting the others to work.

    I'm guessing I'll have to print via usb stick, though, since it looks like MC doesn't have any kind of network printing capability?

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    Hey kfsone,

    We are not normally able to make a profile for each printer as there are literally thousands of different printers and making profiles for each one would require us to have one in house. While I wish I had enough space to store that many printers, I think I would go slowly insane from configuring them all!

    The easy answer is that as long as you can connect the printer via USB serial connection, you can make a profile in MatterControl. There are going to be a few exceptions but that is kind of a catch-all answer.

    I think I will have to do a guide on how to set up a printer in MC 2.0 here soon as this is a question I get a lot and for the most part.

  • Most of the above are loaners -- and presumably a part of the reason the given friend was willing to part with each is the general lack of software support. Right now I only own the M3D mini (which is currently in its box acting as my monitor stand), the voxel(*) and ... the um3. I bought the Ultimaker for my brother (lives on Reunion) only to find family back home had shipped him an S5 and when the U3 came back ... it looked at me with such sad puppy eyes, how could I?

    How about something like the UM3/Voxel what does USB drive or Network; is there an intermediate option like octoprint or something?

    If not, is the serial connection something I could fake (I'm a c++/c/python back-end software engineer), like with a proxy on rPI or container/vm or something?

  • I looked into the Tevo's a while back and know some started of with a Creality CR10 profile for those. If you are into programming (I am) look into gcode and setting a printer up should not be too difficult. The important part will be that you get the printing dimensions right and the start point (where the nozzle homes too and its not always 0,0.0). So in the start code you want to home and get everything up to temp that can get up to temp if its an FDM printer. You might also look into existing profiles for those printers in other slicers (Slic3r, Cura etc) which are free and then copy the settings into MC as far as the gcode sections go. Unfortunately it all will require some googling and trial and error

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