Bond Tech extruder "loosing" PTFE tube

  • Its getting worse. The PTFE tuve keeps popping out the BondTech extruder C clip stays in place I have replaced, trimmed, cut multiple PTFE tube happens every 2-3kg of filament or about twice weekly. I assume the little black thing that has the teeth on it to grab the PTFE tube is not grabbing anymore the way it ought to be. MH don't have them and don't know where to get them so I am asking if anyone knows who sells them

  • Got an email back from Bondtech with a link

  • Maybe a solution from this keeping occuring


    before install0_1555795609192_SANY0014.JPG

    I'd upload the stl but do not have enough privileges. It hsd littlr tinhd that are .2mm smaller than the ptfe tube od to grab on and dig in a little. You probably can take a little off if you have a capricorn tube that has a smaller
    OD. Matterhackers sent me one as they were out of the other and it does not work in the extruder at all due to its smaller od. Some other tubes are a little larger so you might have to be careful as to how much you tighten down. I use 2 M3 screws with Nylon locknuts that are embedded in the plastic (designed "dead on" to require a press fit) The material Is MH BUILD PLA printed on the pulse with a .8 nozzle at 11 mm3/sec max speed .2mm layer height, 220 C Nozzle temp and 85 bed with an enclosure and something else printing with it to make the print last 2 hours. That means it comes annealed of the build plate. the bottom of the clamp is based on the C clip that usually goes there 3.9mm diameter as I have a slight underprint on that setting and 1mm height printed in 5 layers with the first one slightly higher for adjusting for being squished into the build plate as the first layer. The whole thing was sliced in slic3r and then printed through MC for bed leveling. So far it seems to be working fine. Comments welcome

  • So Joel Telling, aka The 3d Printing Nerd, had this exact issue.

    Here is his video:

    His 'fix' was to flip the c-clips over.

    Bondtech also has .stl files of clips that you can print and use to replace the ones you have.

    Here is that link:

  • I know I have seen that. But the problem is that even a new clip or flipping it over did not do the trick cause it probably popped out too often and a new ptfe tube did not stay in long either problem is the pulse makes quit a bend there especially if you go left and right all the way often if its a big print and we only do big prints. The little black grommet inside with the teeth is probably worn out and MH don't have them and it takes a while to get them from Bond tech so now this seems to be working so far and atm idk if this is going to become permanent or will be removed when the little black gromets come in. The extruder shold probably be horizontal instead of vertical to take the strain off which would require some different routing of the filament from the spool holder. From a design standpoint you want to keep the number of direction changes to a minimum and at the very least could eliminate the one going from vertical to horizontal by putting the extruder that way in the first place. But Now also the current wires wold be too short so to do that will become a whole project

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