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  • Hey Matterhacker Community,

    I recently downloaded Mattercontrol to be my primary slicer over Cura. The issues I'm having are with the syncing with the printer. MC recognizes the connection to the printer but in the setting up of MC, it needs to heat the extruders and the plantform which it never does. I tried restarting the setup and reconnecting the printer but once it comes to this point, noting happens. Does anyone have any experience with this issue?

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    It sounds like what are seeing is that the command to heat up is being sent but the printer is not responding? Is MatterControl registering and ambient temperatures on the printers nozzle and print bed and do they fluctuate over time within 2c?

  • @michael-petitclerc They don't fluctuate at all. During the printer setup it says things like "Congratulations on connecting to your printer" then it shows what the overview will consist of the it says "Wait for the bed to heat to 60 degrees C." alt text Then it doesn't do anything else thereafter. It sits like this with the same numbers, nothing on my printer happening either.

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