PLA delamination on every layer

  • I just finshed a new coreXY build and ran some test cubes (20mm cube). I was very impressed with the results. I tried a larger print, but had to change filament before I did (MH PLA 3mm). I started the print and all looked well until I realized that one part of the print had delaminated. This is the first time I've seen delamination with PLA. I stopped the print and found that If I touch any layer with my fingernail, it delaminates with virtually no pressure. The layers don't seem to be bonded at all.

    I went back and did the fingernail check on the 20mm cubes and they are solid. The only difference is the new spool of PLA.

    The particulars are
    3mm PLA white (matter hackers)
    extruder temp 185c
    bed temp 60c
    0.4mm tip
    0.3mm layer height
    No fan engauged

    I am kinda at a loss to figure out what happened. Any suggestions?

  • Hey

    Here's what I would try:

    Extruder temp: 200 degreesc
    Bed temp: 70 degrees
    Layer height: 0.2mm
    Perimeters: 3. (this is the number of outershells on your print)
    Top and Bottom layers: 2mm
    Fill: 20%
    Speed: 30mm/s for all perimeters (inside and outside)
    Infill: 30mm/s
    Probe Z Height offset: 0.07mm on mine (try even 0.05)

    Also make sure you bed is 100% level.

    My PLA is 1.75mm

    Hope that helps.

  • I will try this, but first I found another issue to be resolved. The PIE is lifting in several places, so I need to redo that. I noticed that when I laid down the PEI, there were some air bubbles that I couldn't get out, so that has to be resolved first. I may go back to the old glass and hairspray which has worked for me for years.

  • MatterHackers

    When I installed a 12in PEI sheet onto my Glass I had a number of bubbles underneath but I did not really notice these as being problematic. Granted I had a 1/16in thick sheet of PEI so it was a little more rigid than something like the BuildTak sheet.

    @crchisholm, I agree with @Dboath, you need to bump that PLA nozzle temp up to at least 200c. Always run new material at the medium of the range provided on it. Running at the lower end will cause layer delamination and running at the higher end will cause the parts to stick to support and raft far too well.

  • I use 60 on the bed and 195 for the extruder, with no problems with delamination . It seems to me, that you need to lower the nozzle closer to the bed, use the baby steps.
    I always have 4 layers so when the print starts it give me time to make adjustments.

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