Questions on Pulse Printers

  • Hi All,

    What's the maximum temp of the heated bed upgrade? I can't seem to get above 100C (and that takes over an hour to heat)

    Has anyone made a surrounding case for the printer? I'm thinking of making one, but would love to look at already made ones to get an idea and dimensions needed

    Has anyone had issues with the bed movement before and after a print? It seems like the 0 measurement isn't correct now. It grinds before and after

    Where can I buy additional parts for the pulse printer.

    Can I add a nozzle fan so I can make better bridging?

    Has anyone had success in printing at < 150 microns? The site dotes 20 microns max but I can't get below 150 microns before it stops adhering the the previous layer


  • MatterHackers

    It will be difficult to get higher than 100C without insulating the bed, or putting it in an enclosure. You can safely heat it up to 120C.

    What is grinding? The belt? The nozzle? Which model do you have? (There should be a sticker on the back of your machine if you aren't sure)}

    For the layer height, what material are you printing that isn't sticking to itself when you print smaller layers? Temperature?

  • MatterHackers

    I forgot to say that you really shouldn't need to go much higher than 90-95C if you are using Buildtak and ABS.

  • The motor on the bed was grinding but I figured that out. the piece of plastic that hits the "0 trigger" moved and wsn't activating the 0 homing trigger. Now it stops and doesn't grind.

    Yeah I was thinking about building an enclosure but I've not seen anyone do one yet, was curious how others did theirs and what dimensions were used.

    I have the Pulse A-336

    I've tried smaller layers in PLA and ABS

    PLA temp: 205

    ABS: 220

    I'm actually playing around with temps right now as things are pretty stringy

  • on a side note hows the pulse 3d printer working out?

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