NylonX issue....

  • I have been playing with my ruby nozzle and a small roll of NylonX. So far I am really impressed by the filament. I'm having an issue and hoping someone else has seen the same thing. I based the settings on my printer from the Matterhackers video on how to get successful prints with NylonX.

    My prints start off fine and I have a generous Z-offset. I can clearly see the nozzle isn't scraping against the layers in any way. After about 10-15 layers, I noticed filament building up on the nozzle. I figured ok, I'll back off the Z-offset just another 50 microns or so. I re-run the print and it still happens. I back it off again by another 50 microns but same result. After two or three attempts I'm eventually at a point where the filament starts to have problems sticking to the build plate (using PEI sheet with purple Elmer's glue stick).

    Is this normal? The only thing I can guess is that pieces of the CF in the filament are sometimes sticking up and catching the nozzle and that over time it is just slowly building up once those bits are sticking out and maybe touching the filament every now and again.

    Thanks in advance for any experience/advice you have!


  • MatterHackers

    Hey @Crimsus

    It sounds more likely that the printer is over extruding a bit, try adjusting the flow rate or the material diameter down a bit. Drop the flow rate by 5% or the filament diameter by .02-.03.

    This should help a bit on those prints.

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