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  • Ok I got the the way to make the holes, but what if I am making a part to hold a Nema17 how do I get the correct position and measurements. I find it quite difficult to move them into position with a mouse.

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    Hey @erniehatt

    What you want to do sure can be done in Mattercontrol in the aspect of setting arrays of an object to make a square pattern on an object and cut it away with a bit of creativity. The problem is that this is a more in-depth function and it will take quite some time to work on. I will see if I can write up a more permanent guide on this function and others some time.

    The short answer is this process:

    1. select object
    2. Radial array
    3. set preference in array
    4. position on bracket to subtract from
    5. subtract object.

  • Thanks Michael,
    I am still using version 1.7 for my printing, but have the version 2 on the desktop, which I am going through trying get used to it.
    I will play around with this to see what I get, where do I find how to set an array.

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