Camera orbit not horizontal to bed

  • Can you orbit the camera without ending up with the bed at a funny angle? I would like the bed to stay horizontal as I orbit, rather than ending up like this / or this \ 😨

    I seem to need to constantly click the view cube to level the view after a right-click+drag, which is quite frustrating and imprecise. I do not see much use for a having the bed barrel-roll unpredictably as I'm moving the view.

    Looking around the settings I cannot find an option to keep the camera horizontal to the bed. If there isn't an option I feel the default behaviour should be as I've described. Maybe put a toggle padlock next to the view cube for people who need an unlocked "random barrel-roll" type orbit.

  • MatterHackers

    We will look into how best to do this.

    When you are just trying to print or plate items it is very appropriate to have the camera be 'turn-table' style, but when trying to do complex editing it is usually much better to have it be 'trackball'.

    Thanks for the feedback, it is always useful.

  • Thanks Lars 🙂

  • MatterHackers

    That or my beloved 3D Controller support! One day one could hope for this support. 😀

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