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    That is odd that you cannot see those icons, there is no way at the moment to hide them and they are present on all printer profiles and design beds. Maybe try loading up the newest version of MC and drop us a picture of what the software looks like to you.

  • Michael, I will have to send and image via email, I don;t have a website.

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    For the reference of everyone else, the clarification here is that on Lars' gif the screen is a bit compressed so the functions are shifted and missing everything to the right of the "Subtract and Replace" option.

    I did not notice this until just this morning.

  • @larsbrubaker I follow the same steps and nothing happens. Both parts are still present.

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    I have been seeing a few more people reach out to us and say that they have been unable to use the function. So far no one has been able to show me the issue only describe it. If you could take a short video and upload the STL's used to me at then I can have a look.


  • @michael-petitclerc
    After your explanation it worked for me thanks

  • Hi, I have been trying for about an hour to place holes where I need them.
    I want to make a bracket to hold a stepper, the bracket itself is not a problem, but getting the holes in the correct position is not possible, there seems to be no way to make measurements and to shift them into anything near to where they need to be, is virtually impossible.
    Some useful documents would be helpful.
    I can do this in Sketchup in no time flat, but it would be helpful to be able to do it all in the one program.

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    Well, I can say that for the moment we do not have a measuring tool embedded in MatterControl 2.0. Depending on how far @LarsBrubaker wants to take this ride we may end up with this functionality in the future but I do not believe we have it in the direct sights right now.

  • Thanks, so what you are saying really, is that the feature is pretty useless.

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    No, not at all. I was trained in 3D CAD and work with Fusion360 almost every night. I fully believe in being able to fully constrain a sketch and component. We have to keep in mind that MatterControl is first and foremost a slicing software and then a design program.

    Also keep in mind that while I do keep track of all things MatterControl as best I can, sometimes I have to answer like a lawyer to save my self from the good ol' foot in the mouth situation.

  • @erniehatt The key to alignment and subtraction in MC is to first align the parts, then select "flatten" from the right side panel. This is the icon with the two arrows. This will remove the align function from the history, and will ungroup the objects, but will leave the objects aligned.

    Then reselect the two objects, click on subtract, and select which item to subtract from the dialog box.

    In this video at 16:00 I show you how to do this with a cube and a cylinder.

    Once I figured out the nuances of MC I found it a nice middle ground design tool between the sophistication of Tinkercad and Fusion 360. (Closer to Tinkercad)

    Hope this helps.

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