MC 2.0 - ReSlicing after Changing settings on different computer.

  • I slice and check prints on a different computer than I print on fairly often. Normally this does not bother as I am not testing anything on the 'Printing' Computer, but on occasion...

    When I change settings on my Dev Computer in MC 2.0 while signed into Matter Hackers it will also change the settings on my Printing computer since it is always signed in.

    Why is it doing that? And how can I stop it, other than not signing into Matter Hackers on my Dev Computer?

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    Hey @mstange42

    So we have Mattercontrol set up to unify all the settings so that when you do move from one computer to another you can have all of your settings. This does take a few minutes to update so for some it will be there within a minute but others it can take some time depending on the internet connection.

    The best thing I can say is that you may want to either sign out of one of the slicers, set up and use another account, or set up a profile for testing and change that one around until you have the settings you want and leave the others defaulted.

    At the moment I do not know of a way to not have the system auto update so maybe @LarsBrubaker might have an idea or we could suggest it as a feature update on the GitHub.

  • Thank you for the response.

    "or set up a profile for testing"
    The profiles themselves are not the issue. It is the 'Slice Settings' other than the profiles. No matter what profile I have selected, or change to, any Setting I change is updated in near real time, 2 or 3 seconds at most.
    If I change a Quality Profile on my Dev computer it changes the profile on my Print Computer and all the settings with it. If I manually change any other setting it changes on the other computer.

    I can see the Quality and Material Saved Settings being saved and automatically synced. But having the Slice Settings that are manually changed is a pain. This should really be an option and not automatic.

    I have left my Dev computer signed out of MH and exported/imported all the settings for material and quality into it.

  • MatterHackers

    Hey @mstange42

    I think I may not have been as clear as I could have, if you were to make multiple slicing templates for both "Quality" and "Material" then you would be able to swap over to the test settings and this should not change the other profile presets. This test profile would sync in the account but you would have it separate from the other profiles you have loaded that you want to use.

    The easiest thing would be to load up new printer profile all together. This one is in the "Hardware" tab and you just load up a new Pulse Profile but name it something different like Test Bench or something.

  • You can simply reslicing after Changing the setting as your requirement on different computers. For instant support related to the Download AOL Desktop GOLD Error please contact Our team for the best solution.

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