PETG Sticks to Nozzle

  • I found this in a document on this site:

    "Getting the Right Temperature

    Keep an eye on how much filament doesn’t end up where it’s supposed to. PETG plastic is prone to stringing and oozing, so watch for filament that ends up stuck on the nozzle. Sometimes blobs of PETG filament will stick to the nozzle and then end up deposited on another part of the print where it’s not supposed to be. If this happens it will cool and harden, which can be a hazard for the nozzle the next time it moves into that space. The result is usually a layer shift, which can be detrimental to the print."

    This is what is happening to me. I have no problems with PLA. I have tried many different slicer settings, and have reduced the problem, but I can't get rid of it.

    I am printing at 256 degrees with a small amount of fan.

    What should I try to fix this?


  • MatterHackers

    Hey @3Dken

    So as you are finding PETG is a bit tricky to print with and for the most part it is going to be rather difficult to stop the stringing.

    I would say that the best bed to is keep playing with the Retraction speed/distance in conjunction with lowering your nozzle temp a bit. After that I think it is best to adjust the fan speed settings for the part cooling fan.

    You can always upload a few pictures of the issues you are seeing and we may be able to spot out something and advise a bit further.


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