3D Printing Stormtrooper helmet (Wearable)

  • Ok, so I am printing a wearable stormtrooper helmet in 18 different pieces, and some of the pieces when I load them into matter control it says they will take 20-26 hours when other people who I have seen print these say they only take anywhere from 4-16 hours, so how do I change the settings to print up to only 16 hours?

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    Hey @3DPrintingSTARWARS ,

    So there are a few things to keep in mind here, the first of which being that every printer and slicer are going to work a little differently.

    So my Pulse with it's 1.2mm nozzle and volcano setup is going to run faster than the Lulzbot Taz 6 with it's MOARstruder.

    This is due to a few factors but this is quite a long conversation and I would like to keep things simple and not write up a 3 page essay!

    For the most part here are the few settings to adjust when looking to reduce printing time:

    Layer height: The larger each layer is, the less layers there are to print. Less layers mean less time
    Infill: Less infill to make, less time printing.
    Shells: Less shells, less time printing.
    Support: Less support, less time printing.
    Speed: Move faster and extrude quicker, complete the printer faster.

    Now there is a drawback to each of these settings being adjusted and in almost all cases the drawback is a huge drop off is part quality. My main thought on this is that you cant rush quality. I print a lot of parts that are 60 hours each print. I was able to knock those down to 34 hours but the end product was a total waste of material and time because it was so brittle. Take your time and let the printer be slow so you can get a better end product, that is my opinion though.

    I would be happy to explain this a bit more if you wanted to give me a call some time at our office number!

  • Okay, thanks so much for all the advice and help @michael-petitclerc, it was very helpful.

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