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  • How can I edit supports in Matter Control, because I am printing a storm trooper helmet in 18 different parts, but I want to shorten the print time.

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    Hey @3DPrintingSTARWARS

    So at the moment I would recommend bringing Mattercontrol 2.0 up to the most current version to begin. So this questions can be answered in a variety of ways but it will depend on what your question is specifically. So if you are asking how would you edit the settings before slicing, that can be found in the "Slice Settings" along the right side of the screen under the "Support" tab. 0_1542741315011_2018-11-20_11-14-28.jpg

    If you are looking to make adjustments post slice then that is not currently possible and would require you to go back to the "Model View" and re-slice with different settings.

    Let me know if you have any questions!

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    You can also add any obect to the bed and then turn it into support. Up in the tool bar is a yellow cube that will convert anything on the bed into support.

    We use this to quickly model supports in the places we need them then MatterControl generates the correct sparse infill and interface layers.

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    Here's a little gif to show where it is. alt text

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