Printer Hardware Error - Thermal Runaway

  • While in the process of printing I get the following message and the printer shuts down;

    Your printer is reporting a hardware Error. This may
    prevent your printer from functioning properly.

    Error Reported: "Error:Thermal Runaway, system
    stopped! Heater_ID:0".

    After that I have to shut the printer off and try again. I just received my printer on 8/7/18. I printed one object that took 3 hours no problem. When I went to print my next object I got this error about 10 minutes into the print.

  • MatterHackers

    @bassplyr64 This error is a result of the temperature fluctuating outside of the prescribed temperature range. Please send a message to for assistance.

  • I had a similar problem, matterhackers support helped me figure out that it was the removal of the silicone sock that was causing the temperature problems. Printing without a part cooling fan on solved it or reinstalling the silicone sock.

  • I was also facing the same issues while I am using my Toshiba Laptop and Dell printer. this is one of the common issues that most of the printer user use to face it. you may check it from Toshiba Support for the proper guidance.

  • The print history removes from an SQLite database, but on my browser, it shows again and again that makes me challenging, I get Firefox support number for my help that gives the correct way to solve this.

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