gcode-(making real stupid moves)

  • i have just built a Wilson TS reprap with ramps 1.4

    the layer view looks good with no strange moves,

    sorry the insert image option does not work..

  • This is the wilson i have,

    matter control seems to be the one that connects seamlessly and so far gives me the best prints with matter cut


    i am still getting random deposits of filament in unusual places,the head wil do a perimeter and just stop for a second, just enough time to place a blob 🙂

  • The pausing sounds like a separate issue from what you were talking about before.

    There's really not much we can do for you without seeing exactly what is going on. A video of the strange moves would be most helpful, along with your gcode file.

  • i see insert video and pics but no file attach? damn where is the paperclip.....

    please tell me ho i attach the other files, gcode and slice settings.

    the printer

    the code

  • the only retraction settings

    ugly, tried a slice with craft and imported but it does the same

    no indication of real bad code here in layer view

  • A craftware sliced print

  • administrators

    Unfortunately the forum doesn't allow arbitrary file uploads yet. You can still post them using another service like Dropbox or Google Drive.

    Lets see whats going on with your retractions. Go to the layer view, open the display menu on the left, and click the boxes to show moves, retractions, and extrusion.

  • https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BzLyI3OYZs...

    there is a link to the folder, seems to be linking.. noob here, thanks for all the help peeps

    tell me what else i need to stick in the folder or would it be better for one of you to jump on the pc using team viewer?

  • administrators

    I notice that you have Wipe on Retract turned on. This option backtracks the nozzle whenever a retract is done, in order to wipe excess filament off. In your case, its probably unnecessary and may be causing some of your issues.

  • in this case it is helping by removing some extrude,

    i had it turned off and had more stringy-ness than when on,

    the blobs you see on the item in the 3rd last pic are definitively from the start and end of a perimeter move, i watched this and other prints tediously from start to finish

    you can actually see the blob form as the head stops for a spilt second,

    i dont understand why the code is stopping the head in between each move? if that was not happening i would have no blobs there.

    it is very obvious as you observe the motion, from stationary it completes the outer shell move then the inner 2 layers then the inside perimeter then stops at the start position for that split second.

    Same story when the check box for "Do not cross perimeters" is checked? lol what part of cross dont the code understand? the code just gives me the middle finger and crosses the perimeter and spews filament all over the print?

  • Now my wilson is printing great since the update. MatterControl, thanks for the input,

    i am now a control freak

  • long time thread but my printer is doing the same moves after some update. some fast moves out of nowhere and lots of stringing in the inside of the part. confused...

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