• RE: Can't export X3G - MatterControl 2.0

    Thanks for describing this error in more detail. The tip about support really helped. This is now fixed in the Alpha version. Please let us know if this is working for you.

    Thanks again.

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  • RE: Latest MC version 2.20.6 bug

    What you are seeing is correct. We pushed the new fix to release.

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  • RE: Can't export X3G - MatterControl 2.0

    I will look into this over the weekend. Thanks for bring it back up.

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  • RE: set dual extrusion in v2.0

    You can find some assistance here.

    In addition to using the align tool there is now an accelerator in the toolbar that aligns based on the original model positions.

    alt text

    We will work to get the documentation updated and put a note in the wiki that it is not current.

    Thank you.

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  • RE: spiral vase mode

    If you search for:

    			if (spiralize) // if we are still in spiralize mode
    				// If we need to spiralize then raise the head slowly by 1 layer as this path progresses.

    in LayerGCodePlanner.cs you will find what you are looking for.

    Checking 'path.Polygon.GetWindingDirection();' would allow you to reverse the points if they are not the direction you want.

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  • RE: t10 monitor print ?

    It is a series of single pictures.

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  • RE: spiral vase mode

    There is currently no way to change the direction. Counter clockwise is the natural direction (if you remember trig) that angles increase, so that is the way that it was originally written. What is the use case you have that would be aided by running clockwise?

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  • RE: select workplane ?

    Thanks for the recommendation. We will add it to our feature requests on GitHub.

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  • RE: add fonts ?

    Sorry, there is not yet a reasonable way to do this.

    The good news is it is very much on our wish list, but it may take a wile as there are many other performance issues that have to come first.

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  • RE: Automated Testing

    MatterControl is used by tens of thousands of people successfully every day. It designs, slices and prints millions of parts. It is free software. It is a gift to those who want it. It is worked on with love and passion by dozens of people and it is improving all the time.

    I posted this video to show one of the many ways that we work to improve MatterControl - giving insight into a tool (our automated tester) that might be exciting to some. I hope to inspire and improve the work of those who find this tool exciting. There are many slicing engines, and design softwares that people can choose from, and many choose MatterControl. I hope you have found the ones that work for you.

    You frequently describe your opinions and experiences of the shortcomings of MatterControl. I ask that you be respectful of the many people who find value in this product and leave room for others to discuss the merits and utility they are finding, to share positive stories and experiences.There are many opportunities to describe MatterContol's shortcomings, you have been heard, please allow more of these conversations to be positive.

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