How to handle AMF files?

  • I am preparing to upgrade my CR-10S with an E3D V6 hot end. While researching what I will need to successfully upgrade I downloaded a file to print a mount from Matterhackers website. Instead of an STL file it downloaded as an AMF file. I have no idea what to do with an AMF file. I am using Cura as my slicing software and the file will not open in this application. Is there e a way to open this in Cura? I didn't see any option on file format when I downloaded from Matterhackers. Any info would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

  • MatterHackers

    @MBfrontier Cura cannot read an AMF file. In MatterControl, you have the option of exporting the file as an .STL. Open the AMF file in MatterControl and then export the file for use with Cura.

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