@hamprinter That was HIPS Or "the better ABS" like I call it. Same printing settings thereabout, less warp, no splitting, less smell, less shrinkage, higher impact resistance as its less stiff. The tensile strength is a bit lower than ABS but you hardly get to that limit anyway. Parts usually break as they get hit and jolted. That is why PLA fails explosively when hit and splinters. And we pick it up between $4 and $10/kg. We just turned a bit over 100kg of this stuff into PPE. I am the lead mentor for FRC team 1989. Here is a little article on this years robot so you see what we print you are looking at about 14 kg of HIPS.


We print Nylon too - mostly Taulman 910 and Hobby Kings CX12. Now that I am upgrading the Chirons to all metal I will try printing Nylon on them too.

Oh another shortcoming of HIPS is that there are very few colors usually we only get it in "natural" which is white but the natural prints better than the color ones anyway.

PETG is ok for some things. Its a bit tougher than HIPS but also bends more and if you print real big parts then that can become an issue as you in many cases want to minimize deformation. HIPS is go to for slow speed gears and most brakets. If we have high speed gears or slides or bushings or bearings we use Nylon for something stiffer often ABS and sometimes for smaller motor mounts PETG. For Tires and stoppers TPU. PLA for little trinkets you put on the shelf. We sometimes do a logo or a sign or smaller picture frame in it.