Pulse E-423S Smoothie

  • Is there a basic, or start up, profile to use with PrusaSlicer, Ideamaker, S3D or Cura, all which I know how to use and they produce great prints on my other printers. I've had the XE for about a year now and I'm yet to print anything worth selling so it's pretty much an anchor weight on a shelf. I've talked to couple of people on FB and it seems like it's time for me to move on to another slicer that is being updated and developed in timely manner.

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    @olli-rita I use the MK3 profile, it is nearly identical.

  • @tinken When you say nearly identical, does that mean I can use MK3 profile without worry, on MH website it says Smoothie needs a different method of creating a profile, but there's no link or other references, on FB group somebody mentioned it is not straight forward and needs special settings?

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