Printable Direct Drive Conversion

  • I'm working on a direct drive conversion for the pulse. So far it's going pretty nicely. Goal is to make it a drop-in replacement that uses all the same parts (i.e. the nozzle and probe positions do not change relative to the carriage).

    A few notes:

    • you'll M3 thermal inserts, I used these
    • You'll need to swap the red and blue pins on the extruder
    • you'll want to up the y-axis current (I know, it's weird) and/or lower the junction dev
    • depending on the print tolerance, you might need to add a piece of electrical tape around the hot-swap dovetail to make everything snug.

    alt text

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    @ilija Pretty cool. There is already a direct drive for the Pulse XE available at the MatterHackers Github repository. Not sure if you knew this or not?

    I have a protector for the BLtouch if you want it. I see your needle is protruding outward. You can adjust your needle from the top.

  • Did not know a mod already existed. I had browsed the PulseOpenSource-Master repository of CAD files but did not see such a configurations.

    I was not aware the needle should be fully stowed, can like this and I figured it was fine. I did add a hole for adjusting that screw however so i'll do that.

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    I looked for the direct drive files but I couldn't find them. I am not sure where I found them, I will ask Taylor if I am imagining things lol. Your direct drive looks really nice, keep going on the project.

    You don't have to stow the needle all the way, but it is something that can drag on a print blob. With my protector, you can have the needle slightly out and the ramps will help drag over something tall.

    BLTouch Protector

  • @tinken Thank you for your kind words and encouragement regarding the direct drive project. I understand the concern about the needle dragging on a print blob. With the protector you mentioned, it seems like a clever solution to have the needle slightly protruding while utilizing the ramps to navigate taller obstacles. It shows your attention to detail and problem-solving skills. I appreciate your input and will definitely keep it in mind as I continue working on the project.

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