Compiling error with github source code

  • I tried compiling the source code found on MATTERHACKERS Github pagePulseV1Firmware-EFrame_Runout.

    I first had to add TMCStepper.h to my library.

    And after that I got the following error:

    C:\Users\Bill\Documents\3D_PRINTER\MATTERHACKERS\FIRMWARE\PulseV1Firmware-EFrame_Runout\PulseV1Firmware-EFrame_Runout\Marlin\src\module\endstops.cpp:34:10: fatal error: Configuration.h: No such file or directory

    #include "Configuration.h"

    I removed #define Configuration.h from endstops.cpp and got the following error:

    C:\Users\Bill\Documents\3D_PRINTER\MATTERHACKERS\FIRMWARE\PulseV1Firmware-EFrame_Runout\PulseV1Firmware-EFrame_Runout\Marlin\src\module\endstops.cpp:492:46: error: 'xyze_long_t Stepper::count_position' is private within this context

    SERIAL_ECHOLNPAIR_F("stepper e=", stepper.count_position.e);

    I comented out line 492 of endstops.cpp //SERIAL_ECHOLNPAIR_F("stepper e=", stepper.count_position.e);

    The source code now compiles but I don't know what SERIAL_ECHOLNPAIR_F does and is it really needed

    Does anyone know how to fix the code or if it is needed.


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    @williamlynn Please send us an email @

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