Quantum filament keeps Jamming on my Ender 3 Pro.

  • Does anyone print with the Quantum on Ender 3 style printers?
    I was able to print a 26 hour print one time. Now everything jams after 45 min. It starts off fine. I try to print it on a stock Ender 3 Pro and and Direct drive modified Ender 3 Pro. They both were upgraded to the Capricorn tubes to print higher temps. I can print fine with PETG and other PLA. But when I try with the 2 Quantum I purchase it gets jammed. The filament seems to have a heat creep to itself. When I pull out the jam it looks like the filament expanded from the hotend to past the heatbreak, about 20 to 40mm up the tube depending on how long the jam has been accumulating. Ive printed PLA and PETG after these jams and they print find, when I pull them out after a print, they only have the 2-5mm of melted tips that expanded.

    I've done prints from temp 210-240 with the same jamming issue.

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    @arneltec It sounds like to me that you do not have enough cooling past the heat break.

  • @tinken Hi, Do you mean to say that the standard Ender 3 Pro and all its previous variants is not able to print this product?

    I print the Matterhacker black PETG with temperature of 235 on the same printer and I do not experience this.

    I also print with other PLA at 215 with no issue.

    Ive tried 215-220-225-230-235 with the Quantum. No matter what, temperature it clogs and swells pass the hot end.

    Ive uploaded a picture of the 0_1662590693607_unnamed.jpg 2 colors ive tried and 2 PLA pulled from 2 ender 3 pros, one with direct drive upgrade. both using Capricorn tubes to withstand higher temps.

    The documentation for the Quantum is 225°C ±10°C for the temp. this is the range I've used.

    If you really want to see if this issue exist, i recommend trying the fillament on a standard ender 3 or pro with at least a 24h print.

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    @arneltec I see two problems there.

    One - those horizontal lines in the filament show that you have too much tension on your extruder and you are damaging the filament.

    Two - You do not have enough cooling north of the heat break. Meaning the cooling fan on the heatsink that attaches to the hot block is not getting cooled enough. So when the filament enters this area, it expands from the heat.

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