A few Question about prints from a first timer.

  • So I just got a Pulse in yesterday. It printed the cube fine. So I set up a long print for a terrain piece for DnD to print overnight. The questions I have are How do I get a large flat print off the bed without causing damage to the bed/buildtak, and Is it normal for a PLA printer to leave threads when moving from one protruding point to another. I am running all default settings.

  • Hey there! I got a Pulse as well (my very first 3d printer) about 1 month'ish ago. I had this issue as well with my default settings printing with PLA.

    Since we do have a bowden tube setup, you might want to look into the suggestions as found in this article as it helped me:


    You will want to download the retraction cubes file and adjust your retraction settings vs speed over non print areas for each successive retraction cubes print you do. I mainly adjusted only my retraction setting more than the speed over non prints until the stringing was gone. Keep in mind though that when you increase the retraction value, we're more likely to clog up somewhere....and it happened to me!

  • MatterHackers

    As to removing a big flat part from the bed. I usually get a spatula under one part of the print and slowly work it in and across the side of the print. You will hear the print come up off the bed. If you work your way around the print and then more and more into the center you can get the print off with no damage to the bottom. For me it is usually just about moving slow enough to ensure nothing has too much pressure on it.

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