Perfect print through about 50% then shifts in X-axis

  • I'm using MatterControl with the most recent update (as of 07/15/2022). I normally have good luck running it direct via USB, but occasionally a print will fail due to something running in the background that causes delays in sending gcode. So when I first ran into this problem I exported the gcode, put it on a SD card and printed without the computer. I've printed my model three times with the exact same error. 1st via USB, 2nd same model exported to SD card and then a new version of the model (minor changes) after computer reboot fresh slice and print via USB. In appears that each print fails at the same layer, print head shifts some distance in x axis. It looks like each layer following also shifts the same amount so it gets further off each subsequent layer.
    0_1658110197460_Screenshot 2022-07-17 190657.png
    I loaded the gcode generated by MatterControl in simplify3d and ran the animated print and it does fine so I don't think its in the gcode or in the model. It does fail at a point where the cross section changes. I have printed taller models without issue, however, not with this version of MatterControl. Any suggestions or ideas? Thanks

  • Well, I have no idea why I had three prints with the same mode of failure, but I did get a successful print today. I decided to do switch to PLA so I wasn't wasting more Ryno, switched the layer height from .2mm to .3mm and the infill from 30% to 10% and got a full print. Switched back to Ryno with the same settings and got a good print. Time to move on to more important tasks.

  • I had the same issue. I can't trust printing from the HD card. X would shift at the same point. if I resliced the part it would fix for a while. I think it's in the printers processor.

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    @brucegage I have had this problem on every slicer and for me it has to do with the z steppers and layer heights. Not all layer heights print the same. I had a 0.33 and 0.35 fail, but the 0.34 printed perfectly.

    Also, just for fun, check your x-axis belt tension and the pulley set screw on the stepper.

    I have active licensing for most of the slicer programs available to work with.

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