MatterControl 2.22.05 (May, 16, 2022)

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    MatterControl 2.22.04 (April, 4, 2022)

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    Support For Holes

    MatterControl now supports Holes. Holes are an intuitive and powerful way to think about designing parts. They create the ability to mark any object in the scene as a negative space. When a hole is combined with another object it will automatically be subtracted.

    The hole object can be dragged to the scene and combined with other objects to make holes

    Any object can be converted to a hole and it will be subtracted when grouped

    Transparent Rendering

    You can now set any part to have transparent rendering to help with modeling and placement.

    Fuzzy Surfaces

    Select any part in the scene, right click it and and 'Convert to Fuzzy Region' in the Modify -> Printing menu. With this tool you can now create a fuzzy effect on any surfaces you want.

    Any object can be converted to a region that defines where fuzzy will be applied

    Part Settings Object (PRO Tool)

    Now with MatterControl PRO you can create settings for a specific part and save them with it. This is tremendously useful when doing commercial printing or adjusting settings that are specific to a single part. Settings are only saved when using MCX files (MatterControls native format). NOTE: Setting are applied to the entire print bed not each part. Separate part settings will be available in a future update.

    Settings added to the scene are saved with the design

    Additional Improvements

    • Boolean operations (combining and subtracting shapes) are dramatically more robust and handle many more conditions
    • We now show the output state of Supports, Wipe Towers and Fuzzy objects in property panel

    Bug Fixes

    • G-Code generation of long line segments was not applying leveling correctly
    • When switching or adding materials the display did not always update
    • Fixed crash when invalid geometry was added to the scene
    • Repair tools was not honoring 'weld tolerance' correctly

  • Global Moderator

    @larsbrubaker Thank you for the new additions, especially the specific part adjusting. This is very useful when printing many different parts such as spare parts for the Pulse, where some parts need higher infill than others. I have already use the holes tool and it works great.

    Need to be able to select a portion of a part and make it transparent so that you can add to the inside of a part.

  • MatterHackers

    I'll have to update the release notes 🙂

    Transparent Rendering

    You can now set any part to have transparent rendering to help with modeling and placement.

  • Global Moderator

    Much easier to see where edges meet or adding structure/support to the inside of an object.

  • Global Moderator


    This is a thermostat electronics box that I created for the SUNLU filament box. Transparency allows me to place objects inside another object and position them accurately.

  • Global Moderator

    This is a 5Kg spool roller. The roller on the right is transparent to aid alignment.


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