I need help...

  • Let me start by saying I'm really new to #DP and this forum...

    I received a large 3D Printer Rotechtyphoon V2 / 550x325x440 Duel head and extruder

    Here's what I know:

    • Both hot-ends Heat and fans attached also run and keep the heatsink cool
    • both extruders run both feed and extract
    • X, Y, and Z all run and given a print path will follow the path.
    • Cable management is all in great shape and no fraying of any cables
    • Heated bed and compartment all work and get to temp fast (it's fully enclosed)
    • runs raspberry Pi (octopi) and utilizes a smoothie board and as I said earlier X, Y, Z all function as desired
    • I can log in with Octoprint and control, heat, and cool all the components.

    I assume at this point the nozzles are clogged and/or need to be cleaned out or replaced... The filament in the tube won't extrude and when I open the extruder to manually feed, it won't feed... (heated to 250degrees)

    How do I do that?

    Everything I see looks like it has a removable nozzle and is different than my hotend.

    Do I need to replace my hot end and nozzle and are they universal?

    front view of printer head
    spare end that came with 3DP

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    @zadstyx You should post this under other printer support instead of the Pulse 3D forum

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