MatterControl Needs the ability to print one part at a time

  • I have learned to like the MatterControl slicer but am forced to look at other options as I print small flat parts and need to be able to print multiple parts (one at a time) as you can with all other slicers.

    It is not effeciant to try and print an entire bed at once as the extrusions and individual part failures will ruin the entire bed.

    Example part

    X6CF part

    Pretty happy with the ability and quality we have gained over the past year. We have a solid grasp on what we're doing but until this happens we are stuck printing one part at a time on the Pulse XE printers and now switching over to other options, printers and slicers, for production runs.


  • MatterHackers

    We are currently working on adding support for settings per part as well as one at a time printing / sequential printing. This change is probably two releases from now, or about 4 months. I know that doesn't help in the short term, but it is coming soon.

  • Well that would be great and I hope it happens soon, as we were using MatterControl for not only our Pulse's but our Prusa and new Voron Trident 350's...we have gotten used to it and it slices and produces higher quality prints for us as we have spent the most time getting familiar with it. However, now that we have to scale we have started tuning other slicers to do single part printing that we need.

  • Global Moderator

    Sequential printing would be great. It is especially helpful for those of us who have large industrial printers. Not just one part at a time, but groups of parts at a time. The slicer I use to currently achieve this is not fun to work with.

    Smaller printers, for example the Pulse XE can be easily modified to use longer print beds. I have seen small printers with beds one meter long. These systems work great for sequential printing. ☺

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