NinjaFlex on a Pulse

  • Anyone try printing with NinjaFlex on their Pulse printers?
    I just bought a roll and its coming ok pretty good, still trying to work out some fine tuning as speed and temps and retraction settings.


  • We have a direct drive Ender 5 plus that we dedicate to softer flex materials. Even with that we have to run retraction practically "zero".

    What you are attempting to do is not impossible...but it would be the equivalent of you trying to push and pull a one to two foot bungee cord or rubber band through a tube....and "dial that in".... as your extruder is so far from the nozzle....

    We have done some harder TPUs like Essentium 95A that turned out great on the Pulse XE (link below)

    TPU 95A Spaceman

    But that things so darn hard...its practically PLA

  • I bought a spool of Ninjaflex recently and have not had any unexpected problems on my Pulse-XE.

    The parts I have printed with it using the profile for Matterhackers flex filament were good - not beautiful, but functional. I think it's tough to tweak it in to get high quality, but what I got was adequate.

    One thing I would mention is that I pitched the stock Bowden tube and replaced it with a Capricorn tube of much higher quality and tolerances - That is important for printing with Bowden tube printers and Ninjaflex - You don't want a lot of room in the tube for the filament to bind against the walls.

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