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    Autopilot is the easiest and most complete way to automate your own mini-manufacturing system. 3D printers are being used more and more for short-run manufacturing and with Autopilot, your desktop machine can now be used as part of an automated production system. This tool allows you to fine-tune a bed clearing procedure that is carried out after each print is finished as well as how many times to print a specific object.

    Note: If you have a subscription to MatterControl Pro Autopilot is already included.




    How to Enable Autopilot:

    Install MatterControl
    Login to the account used to make the purchase
    You may need to logout and back in if Autopilot is not unlocked
    You can then find the tool via 'Open' > 'Library' > 'Pro-Tools' > 'Auto Pilot'

    Here are a few tips to ensure success with this tool:

    Strike the part using the X-axis smooth rod
    Install a clearing ramp sandwiched between the bed and build surface
    For low profile parts download the X-carriage Bed Removal Plate
    Replace the lower X-carriage bearing cover behind the hotend and install the new plate
    Use a clearing path that goes front to back
    Install the clearing ramp on the back of the printer

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    0_1647839668748_Screenshot from 2022-03-20 18-36-53.jpg

    I am always testing new ways of printing, and I have a whole stack of new materials to test my prints on. This week I came across a new material with a protective coating. For PETG, this bed works like magic. When hot, the petg sticks like the finger of GOD. No glue, goop or anything needed. When the bed cools, the parts just come off like they were just sitting there. You can push them off with a feather.

    What is happening is that at higher temperatures, the petg forms a bond with the print bed, but as it cools, the petg and the bed cool at different rates, automatically separating it from the heat bed. There is no residue and even the purge lines fall off effortlessly. The most I do is pour a cap full of alcohol onto the build surface and wipe with a paper towel. Nothing else is required.

    I have more testing to do, I will post results as I go along.

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    On a side note. I had a print failure yesterday. Even with the Bltouch ramming into the failed print, what I could imagine was countless times, the print did not separate from this bed surface. Also the BL-Armor protected the BLtouch from damage. If nothing else, the pin would have long snapped off from the abuse I saw it taking before I could hit the emergency stop.

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    I'm glad your BL touch armor helped. Taylor has been looking at incorporating it into future designs.

    Thanks for all the work you do on this forum, you're a fantastic resource. You're positive attitude and depth of knowledge are a gift to all of us.

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    @larsbrubaker Thank you for accepting me as part of your team.

  • Is there a video of Autopilot being used or a more comprehensive overview of this product?

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