temp tower test in matter control with pulse XE

  • is there a way to do a temp tower test in matter control software trying to figure out how to add
    temps at a 5mm increment

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    @Trizz1964 This is a tough one. The only way that I know how to do this is to change the temperature at the appropriate layer in the exported g-code. I am not aware of an automated process for adjusting temperature at this time.

  • how would I edit the g-code to do this? its easy in simp3d or cora but trying to find a place to add or adjust temps in matter control is weird. This is all new to me, thank you for any help.

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    @Trizz1964 The g-code in MatterControl has a line counter for each layer. Add a line after the layer count and input the desired temperature using an M109 command.

  • I've just switched from Cura to Matter control & love it, but a complete novice when it comes to g code. Could one of you clever types post a string of code that I could copy and paste for for a temperature tower? Pretty please?

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    Old topic but worth an update anyway (as google finds this for temperature tower)

    MatterControl now includes support for temperature towers which can be great at helping dial in your filament temperature settings.

    How To

    You can find the temperature tower in your Library.

    There are temperature towers setup for ABS, PLA and PETG, but if you need a custom tower or want to change the temperatures beyond the default you can easily adjust one of the provided towers.

    After dragging it to the bed you can select it and change what temperature it starts at, how much the temperature changes each time and how many times it changes.

    You can also directly add a temperature change object to your print to create your own temperature towers or effects.

    This is the object to add to the bed to customize your own settings.

    You can set the height by moving it up and down and set the temperature to change to in the properties panel.

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