Pulse Xe with Azteeg boards --- Looking for some ideas to help get these things printing

  • So maybe a year ago I got excited and bought two pulse Xe's. Without much knowledge about these machines i became frustrated with the small issues I was having with consistency and quality. So I bought a Prusa mini lol. it was much easier and printed much better, so I put my almost 4k worth of MatterHackers gear on the shelf. Well I'm pulling it back out and trying to get them to work better. My first question is about the Azteeg boards, are they going to be able to fit my goal? or is that the main issue? Right now out of nowhere the z axis is trying to run past the sensor. So when it homes it runs into the physical stops and jams the stepper motors.

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    It sounds like you have either a lose wire or a bad panda sensor. I would check this first.

    There is updated firmware available. You will need to contact Matterhackers support for this firmware. This removes the smoothieware and runs Marlin. I used this for awhile on my Pulse XE. It seemed to help, but I still had a few bugs I could not solve.

    I was tired of trying to fix these issues and I installed a Duet3D mini 5 board. You can find my modification on the forum.

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