Filament will not extrude

  • So, printing along for days. Changed out filament for different colors, all was fine. Turned off printer and laptop

    Next day unloaded filament in MC, loaded new color, load function worked all the way up to waiting for clearing,
    Extruder started skipping, clicking
    Unloaded in MC worked just fine

    Pulled tube out of HE, made sure cleaning pin went all the way down out of nozzle
    Changed out nozzle for brand new one just to make sure

    Tried Load again, same results

    I have made sure the end is at a very hard sharp point
    The nozzle heats up quickly and fine to 210

    After 4 tries to simply LOAD filament, I am at the end of my ropes

  • @mavin I pulled the tube out of the top of the HW. Ran a 100mm extrude from controls. Filament feeds down the tube just fine

    Have double checked HE path is clean again, cleaining pin pushes all the way thru the HE and the nozzle

    Any idea how far the tube should insert down into the top of the HE?

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