Serial Port.

  • Hello! I am having great difficulty setting up this program. Keeps telling me that another 3d printer is using the serial port. That is not true. Help Help Help! Can any one help me and tell me how to resole this issue so I can move forward. I have an voxelab aquila x2. BTW my other problem is that I can print all the test prints on the sd card with no problem, but when I down load a print sao from yeggi or thingiverse, the nozzel will not move from the home point.
    Hope some on e will get back to me, or may be send me info via email. crespec@att,net

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    @bandit1942 Will it print any other stl file or just those from Thingiverse?

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    Hello @bandit1942 ,
    0_1637615554406_5e533c05-0c73-4873-8dd7-4f8538d1390a-Com port.PNG

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    Click on the three dots in the upper right corner next to the temperature reading and select "Show Printer" > "General" and look for "Serial Port". Unplug the printer, check if any COMs disappear, and plug the printer back in to see if any COMs show up. If your printer does show appear, select it, and click connect in the upper left corner.

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