Trouble with first layer pattern when printing thin walls

  • So I am experiencing undesirable first layer slicing when attempting to print thin walls with MatterControl. I have tried adjusting GUI settings with no luck.

    The problem can be noticed when attempting to slice a simple 1.5 mm wide test block. Say 1.5mm x 10mm x 2mm rectangular block for example.

    With the 1.5mm x 10mm side flat on the print bed, using a .5mm nozzle, the first layer should be more than a single width (.5mm ) extrusion line. A single perimeter shell and infill for example. But what I am getting is the first layer being a single .5mm x 10mm extrusion line only. Which obviously is undesirable and causes bed adhesion problems. All subsequent layers are fine as one would expect. So I've had to switch to a different slicer that behaves as expected. I like the supports control/ style better with MatterControl, but as it is I can't use it for the thin walled design I want to use it for.

    If anyone knows any adjustments to fix this or why it does this LMK. thanx

    Slicing for a Rostock Max V3

  • MatterHackers

    @opZ Try adjusting the first layer extrusion width and see if this makes a difference. Go to "Settings & Controls" -> "Settings" -> "Filament" -> "Extrusion" -> "Extrusion Width" -> "First Layer" and put in the desired 1.5mm value. Also make sure that you first layer height is no more than .3mm. If this does not work, let me know.

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