MatterControl 2.0 - Windows 10 - Corrupted Graphics & Slow

  • I am experiencing corrupted graphics and significant lag.
    Corrupted graphics only occur after slicing has occurred and the layer model is being displayed.
    Lag is constant.
    0_1632180712779_M.C. Artifacts.PNG
    PC details:
    Windows 10
    CPU - I9-9900K
    32G DDR4
    110G SSD
    DirectX 12
    WDDM 2.6

    I've used MatterControl on several PCs, all of which have substantially less processing power without issue. I've also adjusted the setting "Utilize High-Res Monitor" to ON/OFF and restarted M.C. both times.

    Is there a known issue with this version? Any help is appreciated! Built this PC to reduce lag that incurred with Fusion 360 (which it helped tremendously), but now M.C. is lagging significantly even after a fresh restart and nothing else running (which shouldn't matter considering I'm running an I9-9900K, SSD, and 32G of RAM.

  • @jhamburg430 I didn't see the video card you listed? If you are using the graphics on the cpu, then there is your problem.

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