Removal of magnetic bed to access thermistor!

  • I have a Pulse (Model D-231) with the Flexplate system.
    My thermistor came loose again and I need to either replace it or retape it with Capton tape, as recommended by MH Tech Support.
    To access the bed thermistor and tape it properly, I need to remove the bed.
    How to I remove the magnetic bed/Flexplate base? I cannot access the center screws that hold the bed to the framework!
    Do I need to peel off and destroy the covering to access those two center screws?!
    Thanks for any assistance! Rich
    0_1627243658274_Pulse_3DPrinter-5.jpg 0_1627243677156_Pulse_3DPrinter-3.jpg

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    @rbergins Maybe you can cut around the center screws with a sharp exacto knife?

  • Good idea. I can cut away some material, and all I need is a flat surface remaining, maybe do a little sanding if necessary if there are raised edges.

    I'm not liking their design of making bed removal very difficult.

  • @tinken I was able to replace the Capton tape and tape the thermistor under the bed, very carefully (Blue arrow on right). I didn't want to cut up the bed surface to access those two center mounting screws.

    I also made a strain-relief (Blue arrow on left) because those wires kept pulling back, and then the thermistor would come loose. This happened six months ago, and now I know electrical tape will not hold up under a heated bed!

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