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    Interesting spool holder has concentric rollers to keep the spool always in the center of the roller.

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text


    MatterHackers Pulse









    Filament: MatterHackers Pro Nylon Carbon Fiber Black


    This is a nice design, I printed up several of these in carbon fiber for strength and heat resistance in heated sealed boxes. Low suggested infill caused shrinking of the base plate, boosted to 30% with hexagon infill made it stronger. Nozzle 260C, Bed 65C, Chamber 35C.

    Some constructive criticism: For a one piece design, the base is too thick, it should be no thicker than the uprights. The uprights need front and rear bracing added to the design for strength. The concentric rollers are beautiful, but the bearings used are less popular and harder to find than 608 bearings.

    A few remix ideas:
    +Keep base at current thickness, except split into two pieces and add mortise and tenon joint to put the two together.
    +Increase base width to match the length, increase roller length to match. This will allow 5Kg spools.
    +Add 0.250" bridge between uprights for strength.
    +Add triangular or hexagonal holes into the base to reduce filament consumption while keeping strength.
    +Increase roller openings to accept popular 608 bearings at each end.
    +Modify base uprights to have printed bearing center shafts and remove metallic hardware.
    +Add circular indents to bottom of base for adhesive rubber feet.

    About me: I am the CEO of Tinken Inc. We are an Engineering/Architectural consulting and manufacturing company. I have a Masters in Engineering.

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    Wow, that looks fantastic. I love the way carbon fiber filament prints. It has such a clean surface in addition to its material advantages.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    BTW, I'm planning to add your request for multiple brim layers to the next release of MatterControl. Thanks for all your constructive requests and support.

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