MatterControl 2.21.6 (June, 15, 2021)

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    MatterControl 2.21.6 (June, 15, 2021)

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    • Features

      • Added Experimental [Beta] support for variables
        • A Sheet can be added to the scene and referenced by designs (think Google Sheets or Excel)
        • Designs properties can reference cell data
          • Add '=' to the start of the line and type in a table cell
        • Designs can include equations as well as references
          • Add '=' to the start of the line and type in an equation
      • Support for Zoom to selection
        Zoom to Selection
      • Support for Turntable mode (up always stays up)
      • Improved Scale controls
      • Firmware Sounds can be disable in printer settings
    • UI improvements

      • Added new Scene controls
      • Icons match the theme more closely
      • Added hints to mouse actions
      • F2 to rename items
    • Bugs

      • Slicing regression with thin features
      • Better pathing while outputting support
      • Design Apps rebuilds more consistent

    New MatterControl release - May 10th, 2021

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