New MatterControl release - May 10th, 2021

  • MatterHackers

    MatterControl 2.21.5 (May, 10, 2021)

    Windows Download

    Mac Download


    • Features
      • Zoom to mouse cursor (thanks to visdauas for his work)
        Zoom To Cursor
      • Curve Tool now has angle and improve help
        Curve Tool
      • Measure tool shows size
        Measure Tool
      • New Description Tool
        Description Tool
      • New Edge Controls
        Edge Controls
      • Improved merge overlapping lines in slicer
      • More warning messages for bad settings
      • Measure lines always in front
      • New and improved DesignApps folder and items
    • Bugs fixed:
      • Parts sheets working again
      • Fixed bad moves when path planning supports
      • Fixed bad transparency when looking up from the bed

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