Monoprice Delta Pro / Lerdge USB problem

  • We have a few MP Delta Pro's that we would like to use with Mattercontrol via USB. There is a built in profile for these printers, but it wont connect. The com port is visible, but times-out on connect attempt.

    Some of these printers are stock, and a few have been upgraded to newest Lerdge firmware, but the issue remains. Any ideas? I see in the printer connection options there is am IP address box. Perhaps the default numbers are incorrect.

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    @lasersforresearch I am not familiar with that printer, but I do know that one of the issues with connections is the baud-rate in which the two talk to each other must be matching. Figure out which baudrate you have set on the printer and then set MatterControl to be the same in the advance tabs.

  • I tried other USB ports and all baud rates without success.

    It connects fine and controls properly with Simplify3D, Lerdge software, and Cura, just not with MatterControl so it's distinctive to this app.

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    Can you verify that it is the same port and baud rate as those other softwares? A very strange result as MC uses the build in windows serial port driver. Are you running this on windows?

  • @larsbrubaker

    Some progress:

    Yes, same port. In my case Com port 3 and baud is 115200

    Then I find that MC was set to a networking printer. I disabled that and it appears to connect now via com 3, but when I try to communicate with printer, even homing the motion, there is no response.

    However, sometimes it will begin to accept a command, but up to a 30 seconds delay. Then the homing will engage.

  • Alternatively, the printers also have a wifi card, that enable me to connect fine with an IP and with port I can specify (currently 8686), but even in MC network mode, it reports it can't open the port.

  • Maybe the problem is the USB handshaking . If it was possible to set the DTR to low (and RTS to high ,) works for me using Pronterface and Repetier-host. But in Mattercontrol I have not find any way to control this settings for DTR and RTS and i belive that is the problem why the USB communication do not work in this program since they are set in a way that the MP delta miniv2 do not accept even if Mattercontrol find the correct port .

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