Subtract is Buggy As Hell On my PC

  • Am I the only one experiencing this? I Subtract a cube from a design and the cube subtracts but so do other parts!
    This has gotten so frustrating that I am ready to abandon Matter Control altogether.
    Running latest version on Win 10.

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    @dutchman MatterControl is an awesome slicing program. It has some small bonus features when working with primitives, such as the types of things you are attempting to master. It may be better to build your items in CAD first before bringing them to MatterControl?

  • @tinken I'm not talking about slicing ( besides I find Cura does a better job at that).
    The item I was designing consisted of 6 primitives, I was subtracting one thin rectangular solid to create a slot. MC seems to lose track of what is being subtracted and what isn't. There are bugs at work here.

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    @dutchman When you are subtracting you must use the side panel on the right and select which item you wish to remove or it will remove all of them. Please watch the video I have linked you to in my previous post.

    Cura is a good slicer. It has a lot of money being poured into it. But their engineering team are closed minded. I have asked for things to be added to make Cura even better and they have flat out refused to do so. They are stuck in their old ways of thinking. Matterslice was made from Cura, so besides the whistles and bells, the slicing is nearly identical.

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    @tinken Thanks for the compliment, we are always trying to make it better.

  • @tinken Yes I understand how subtract works, I know you are trying to help. However it appears that a subbtracted flattend part got corrupted. I got around it by using Combine. Once I combined the part that was erroneously subtracting, subtract worked corectly.

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