Making nuts and bolts

  • When I design a nut and bolt in Mattercontrol they look good. But when I go to print them the threaded bolt part and the threaded hole in the nut print in a slight oval shape. This makes them not thread together. Thanks for any help.

  • @russell-baskin I would try to figure out first where the problem is the design of the nuts and bolts or the printer. Print a zylinder and a box and then measure the X and Y and see how they stack up might be the math on the X and Y are slightly off (steps per mm etc)

  • I have printed parts with holes and they are always round. But when I design a nut and bolt they print oval shaped. I do make the nut and the head of the bolt 6 sided, and I noticed the 2 dimensions are sometimes different. So I change the one that is wrong to match the correct one, On the build plate in Mattercontrol the hole and the threaded stud show round, yet they print in an oval shape.

  • @russell-baskin Try a different Cad software and see if you get the same or a proper result

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