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    I am not sure where to post a suggestion for an added feature in MatterControl Pro. I would like to have the option of multiple brim layers. This feature is provided in Simplify3D, but in no other slicer program I have found. This is especially useful when printing materials such as Nylon and Peek. These materials will warp and shrink so bad, they will rip the 1 layer brim apart. Adding additional layers of the brim keeps this from happening.


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    Thanks for the feedback.

    We are planning to add this feature in the next release.

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    Something to consider:

    Adding multiple layers to the Skirt instead of the Brim. The other slice companies do this. The skirt can be offset so that it touches the part and acts as if it is a brim(Distance from object=0). This also allows you to print a skirt around the object with additional layers. I think this would be useful when changing extrusion heads and allow you to purge any degraded plastic from the melt zone before printing. You may even be able to make the skirt wide enough and offset it so that it is partially inside and outside of the part, without becoming a full raft.

    Please do not limit the number of skirt layers.

    I tried to make my spool roller as wide as it is long. No matter what I tried, it would warp and peel off the bed surface. Sure I could print it in other materials less likely to warp, but I wanted Nylon. Single layer brims just tear off during the printing, but 5+ layer brims retain enough strength to hold the large bases down during printing and cool down. I have even mechanically added a brim to the part, but this is not effective because I run my first layers much slower and thinner to have the maximum layer adhesion and bonding. My 300 x 300mm build plate weights 1.8Kg (4lbs), necessary to keep the magnetic surface from lifting off the bed.

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    Here you can see current single layer skirt attached to the printed part. Notice that due to warping, the part has broken the skirt adhesion layer. This is why multiple skirt layers are needed.

    alt text

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