Wipe tower position

  • Is there a way to change the position of the wipe tower? I see controls to change the size but no way to change where it prints the tower. I have had several prints where it puts the tower too far to the left for the second extruder to actually print. Mattercontrol apparently doesn't know where the limit for the 2nd extruder actually is so it just moves as far as it can and then squirts out a big mess.

  • MatterHackers

    You can:

    • Insert a cylinder
    • Right click it
    • Select Modify
    • Select Printing
    • Select Convert to Wipe Tower

    With this method you can define both the shape and the position of the wipe tower. The tower will stop printing as soon as no more transition are required and the top of the shape will continue to be projected up as long as there is a need for more tower (even if the original shape is short).

    Hope that helps

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