Where do the grey cables connect to

  • I just recieved my new Pulse XE. It has 2 loose cables. I understand theese connect to the screen. But the cables are identical so which one goes where?alt text instructiolns say nothing about these cabmes. Also a plastic detail was broken

  • @surfmagic Take pictures - send to tech support they might help you. If the gray cables are ribbon cables if its done right they should only go one way if not they have a colord strip on one end that points to pin 1 if not - well call tech support.

    And make sure you give the printer a good going over to make sure nothing that shouldnt be loose is.

  • Ok thanks I got an answer from support. These grey cables actually fit both so yiou can make a mistake. but they said the one with a black mark goes to the right and the other to the left. It worked anyway.

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