print nylon and ASA filament

  • Peace,
    I'm new here, I would love advice on 3D printing.
    I try to print nylon and ASA filament, and without success.
    The model disconnects from me after 10 minutes of printing.
    The printer is closed.
    Ender 5 Plus.
    The following data:
    Hottend temperature - 240 degrees.
    Surface temperature 80-100 degrees.
    Print speed - 40-50.
    Withdrawal - 2 (BMG).
    Rectification speed - 15.

    Blackened glass surface.
    I would be happy for help on how to prevent disengagement.
    I realized there is a surface of BuildTak PEI, will it help me?


  • @bni I would do 2 things
    1.) Make an enclosure for the Ender 5 this is the first of a series of videos on that
    2.) 240 is going to be too low for nylon so I would upgrade to an all metal hotend - He covers that too in the parts following the one mentioned above.

    ABS ASA I print on the chiron with ultrabase (coated glass) at 105 C bed and 260 nozzle with enclosure and Nylon too at 260-280 nozzle and 80-90 bed - again with enclosure. And I run the materials well dried directly from my print dry (converted food dehydrator)

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