Small intricate part in ABS warp

  • I have a pulse Xe and I’m using MH build series white ABS. I already have an enclosure for the printer. What can I do to help these smaller parts not warp? The parts are about 100mm x 50mm.![0_1616503405903_4E3BA0EC-723C-438A-8BD9-63DC1285FDA0.jpeg](Uploading 72%)

  • @jacob5421 Your picture did not upload this forum is very limited in that you better post it somewhere else and then link it.

    Now we print a lot in ABS but I gave up on MH ABS about 2 years ago I have been successful with Zyltech, hobby king, Esun. Now make sure the bed is at least at 100 ambient you want to get over 40 C and glue stick of hair spray or abs juice help on garolite if that is your build plate. Also make sure NO FAN!

  • @mpirringer thanks I will try the glue stick or hair spray

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